Courses in Security Industry


The operating capacity of Steropis encompasses over 160 years of knowledge and active operations in the security industry. Since its beginning, it has issued more than 3,000 certificates with a guarantee of over 97% job placement for its graduates. Due to its highest standards, Maritime and Land Security companies trust the training of their personnel to STEROPIS.


The Company’s resources and associations, both in their trained and operating capacity, gave it a unique identity, allowing regional clients to have a partner to protect their interests in volatile regions and not only in that kind of places. Its high level of knowledge and experience in armed security, has established STEROPIS as a successful provider of security services in the Maritime, Financial, Mining, Oil and Gas sectors. Its knowledge and active operations experience focuses on the fields of securing high value assets and critical infrastructures.


The Academy provides elements necessary to prepare security operators to meet specific standards and requirements. Simultaneously, it has the capacity to adopt and provide an on-the-job training environment similar to real operations’ conditions. These factors allow us to shorten down time providing, at the same time, more experience and effective workforce, which is attuned and ready to act according to local environment and laws, thus avoiding conflicts and tensions in any country where they will operate. The result is an environment whose members are welcomed, integrated to the local cultures and have an easier task of building local ties and bonds.


The company, in order to upgrade its certifications, has partially integrated the training under the supervision and certification of foreign Universities such as New Jersey International Open University, thereby enabling trainees to obtain University degrees and diplomas. In addition, the company is in close contact with Universities specializing in the discipline of Security Studies, in order to provide to all enrolled students the practical on-the-field training which will prove helpful in any situation that they may encounter as future professionals.


Currently the company services and facilitates sub contracts in high risk zones. This does give it the necessary credibility in that its system and personnel assessment does provide the comfort and security to our clients, that we operate of the highest standards with deep knowledge of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Steropis Academy believes in the operation model based on partnerships and analysis of the customer necessities. As such it operates closely and with a hands on approach with its clients. This allows it to better understand the clients business environment and uniqueness, implementing solutions, meeting and catering actions targeted to efficiency and growth, avoiding the hardships of needing to reassess and evaluate.


Steropis Academy is developing various business model’s targeting different clients on every level of expertise, awareness of the country environment risks and costs, raises entry barriers which keeps entrepreneurship away.


Steropis Academy offers exciting and challenging career opportunities in a variety of professional areas.
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