Emil Aleksandrov

Very professional approach towards students. Highly experienced and qualified instructors providing accurate and up to date information regarding the topics of the courses. Great effort put into preparation and teaching of the trainees. Definitely recommend Steropis to all who are seeking to acquire further knowledge, proper preparation and experience in the security field.


Pavlos Darkman Poustovoi

The whole experience of the two-day course in which I participated was simply out of this world. The instructors are very qualified and tremendously illustrative.The evaluation could not have been less than 5stars as they deserve it definitely.Keep up the good work!!!


Avgoustinos Vitzi

Congratulations for all the work you ‘ve done. All trainers are really good at what they do, very experienced and very skilled. Thanks for all the training, both theoretical and practice. It was an awsome experience. I wiil certainly follow in future courses.


Aris Kappis Magos

My first contact with ITTO was for a P.M.C. course and I was thoughtful because as much I searched the “rumors”, Greek Organizations/Companies in the Combat Training Industry do not have a “good name”. It didn’t take long to realize that ITTO was a really good example that exceptions DO exist. From the first contact that I had with the personnel and the trainers and instructors, it was really easy to understand and realize that I was in the hands of professionals, people that know every aspect of what they teach and people that have been in the jobs that they teach about, people that have served in international military formations and have been deployed in combat zones too. Is it Maritime Security? Is it PMC? Field Medical Procedures or Tactical shooting and even the famous and dreadful S.E.R.E. These people know what they are doing and how to give you the knowledge and training you need to get ready for almost any situation. From the first phone call to the last hand shake that I had with the staff of the ITTO, I am extremely pleased with their attitude, with the procedures they follow, their professonalism and their kindness. Although a really new organization they went through all my expectations and I can’t recommend them enough. There are fields that need some attention as the Secondary training facilities but I know that they already taking care of these matters. I am looking forward to my next training courses with ITTO (marksman and CQB). And all these in the best price I managed to find in the “market”.


Dionisis Kaimakamis


I have completed the Tactical Shooting Course, I m very happy and satisfied that I have chosen Steropis Hellas for my training, great persons management and instructors with big experience at the industry, well organized course,definitely recommended, Thank you Steropis Hellas.


Petar Stevanović


I had a great experience with this highly professional instructors, learned many things. Highly recommendations to everyone who want to have high level of knowledge…Thank You for everything, guys, i hope we meet again soon.